NFL: Wide Receivers All-Time Receiving Yards

1Jerry Rice22,895
2Larry Fitzgerald17,492
3Terrell Owens15,934
16Julio Jones13,629Active
17Torry Hold13,382
19.Jason Witten13,046
21Irving Fryar12,785
50Eric Moulds9,995
Outside the Top 50Tyreek Hill8,555Active
Cooper Kupp4,807Active
  • 9/10/23: Tyreek Hill is currently at 8,555 total rec yards. He is 1,441 yards away from surpassing Eric Moulds and moving into the Top 50 of All-Time. Throughout his career he has averaged 1,191 yards per season. He has surpassed that number twice. He is already 15% of the way to this mark after one game and would need to average 77 yards per game to reach this mark.