MLB: All Time Home Run Leaders

RankNameHome Runs
234Jose Valentin249
235Goose Goslin248
J.D. Martinez248
Ted Simmons248
238Freddie Freeman247
Andrew McCutchen247
Justin Morneau247
Vern Stephens247
268Aaron Judge240Actice
Mookie Betts240Active
Salvador Perez240Active
Jeff Burroughs240
Roberto Clemente240
407Rich Aurilia186
Glenallen HIll186
Mitch Moreland186
Turkey Stearnes186
494Tony Conigliaro166
Josh Gibson166
Larry Hisle166
Dwayne Murphy166
Shohei Ohtani166Active
Colby Rasmus166
Bill Robinson166
990Eddie Bressoud94
Bill Bruton94
  • Updates
  • 7/31/23: Shohei Ohtani is currently leading the big leagues with 39 home runs. He is averaging 1 HR/every 3 games. He is on pace to hit 61 home runs by end of season. He is one run away from being in a 8-way tie with Cody Bellinger, Casey Blake, Xander Bogaerts, Carlos Correa, Charles Johnson, Gus Triando, and Ben Zobrist in 487th place on the All-Time HR’s List.