NFL: Quarterback All-Time Passing Touchdowns List

RankNameTD PassesStatus
1Tom Brady649
2Drew Brees571
12Matthew Stafford333Active
20Dave Krieg261
21Kirk Cousins258Active
22Sonny Jurgensen255
T-22Dan Fouts254
181Teddy Bridgewater75Active
T-167Joe Burrow84Active
T-167Kyler Murray84Active
T-167Bill Munson84
T-185Jay Fiedler69
T-185Frank Tripucka69
189Geno Smith67Active
T-192Zeke Bratkowski65
T-192David Carr65
T-199Sam Darnold61Active
T-199Charlie Batch61
T-199Rudy Bukich61
T-199Adrian Burk61
T-199Tony Eason61
T-199Cecil Isbell61
T-205Tyrod Taylor60Active
T-205Chad Henne60Active
T-205Daniel Jones60Active
T-205Derek Anderson60
T-204Mark Malone60
209Billie Joe Tolliver59
218Jim Hardy54
219Brian Hoyer53Active
T-220Vince Evans52
T-220Pat Haden52
T-237Jacky Lee46
T-237Vince Young46
T-237Jalen Hurts46Active
T-240Glenn Dobbs45
T-240John Friesz45
T-240James Harris45
T-240Don Strock45
T-240Gardner Minshew45Active
  • Kirk Cousins currently leads the league with six touchdown passes. He is four away from overtaking Dave Krieg and moving into the Top 20 All-Time. He is averaging 3 touchdowns per game thus far.