Who needs it more.

With just 9 days and 6 games left before we find out which two teams head to the big game,
let’s take a closer look at the remaining teams to see who needs a super bowl win the most and who can
be content with the success thus far.

8. Cincinnati Bengals

While this would be a fantastic story, the reality is, the Bengals already have their great story. After the
wildcard round win against the Raiders in a nerve wrecking game that came down to the wire this past
weekend, Bengals’ fans are already celebrating like they won a Super Bowl. Why? Because they have not
won a single post season game in 31 years. With Joe Burrow playing lights out in his second year,
proving he can go toe to toe with Mahomes and several other QBs, Cincinatti will more than likely have
a few promising years ahead of them. While a loss in the playoffs is not the happiest thing in the world,
the fans and the team should be proud of the stride they have made this year and know the team’s
Super Bowl window is not closing anytime soon.

7. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The defending champs could be the first team since the 03/04 Patriots to win back-to-back Super Bowls.
This will also give Brady his 8 th ring doubling any other QB in the Super Bowl era. The Bucs went from 7-9 in 2019 to 11-5 in 2020 with a perfect post season record to win it all. While trying to run it back, it is
hard to say the Bucs need a Super Bowl win this year more than any of the remaining teams. Although
with the possibility of Brady retiring soon and multiple talented players not returning to the team, the
Super Bowl window might not look too pretty for them after this year.

6. Kansas City Chiefs

In the last three years, the Chiefs have been to three straight AFC championship games, two Super
Bowls, and even won the Super Bowl in 2019. While there were some concerns midway through this
season, they still ended as the #2 seed and look good to make a 3 rd straight Super Bowl appearance.
While there is some pressure for the Chiefs to redeem themselves after the horrendous loss to the Bucs
in last year’s big game, overall, it is not even close to being a tragedy if the Chiefs do not win it all this
year. With Mahomes on your side and with a great set of players and coaches, the Chiefs will be right
back in the list for top teams next year. The only way pressure gets higher for the Chiefs is if they make it
to the Super Bowl and lose again.

5. Buffalo Bills

The Bills have a great roaster and QB that has greatly improved in the last two years. Bills have now won
the division both seasons after Brady’s departure. While the talent is great, consistency has been a big
question when it comes to quarterback Josh Allen. Allen failed to show up against the Chiefs in last
year’s AFC championship game and could not make the Super Bowl. They get a chance to redeem
themselves this Sunday when they play the Chiefs again in Kansas City. Although Allen and company got
the best of Mahomes a few weeks ago in regular season, many are wondering if Allen can show up the
same way in the post season. After a brutal beating of the Patriots this past Sunday, the Bills are hoping
for a similar outcome. While they face pressure of making and winning the Super Bowl, the pressure is
not too high for the bills. Much like the Chiefs, the Bills have lots of young talent that can get them back
in the competition even if they lose this season.

4. Tennessee Titans

It has been 22 years since the last Titans Super Bowl appearance. Many remember Kevin Dyson leaping
to the best of his abilities and coming just one yard short of the end zone in the final seconds of Super
Bowl XXXIV to keep the game alive. Even with Derrick Henry getting injured, the Titans have done a
great job of winning and accruing the #1 seed in the AFC. With Henry’s return this week, the Titans are
in a good position as any to be in and win the Super Bowl. Many Titans’ fans have dreamed of getting
back to the big game and finishing the job they could not 22 years ago. With the number of great teams
in the AFC, the road to the Super Bowl through Tennessee might not come around that easily. If the
Titans want to win it all, now would be the time. Nobody knows what the future in Tennessee looks like.

3. L.A. Rams

The Rams pushed all their chips to the middle of the table this off season by acquiring Matthew Stafford
with the sole purpose of winning a Super bowl. They came close 3 years ago against the Patriots but
came up short in the big game after Jarod Goff was unable to find the end zone the entire game. While a
loss does not necessarily mean the window is fully closed, it is hard to get a team this good and healthy
this late in the season to put yourself in a position to win. On a slightly brighter side, the 33-year-old QB
still has some juice left in the tank with a great defense and young, smart head coach that can dial up
plays as good as anyone in the league can.

2. San Francisco 49ers

San Francisco gave up a small price for their starting QB Jimmy Garoppolo in 2018 and was good enough
to make the Super Bowl back in 2019. The team unfortunately came up short in the big game.
Garoppolo has suffered multiple injuries the past few years resulting in too many missed games. The
49ers have already drafted Garoppolo’s replacement and do not know how great it might work out for
them. After leading at the end of the third quarter, Kyle Shanahan, the head coach of the 49ers, has
been a victim of scoreless 4 th quarters in a Super Bowl twice so far in his career. Once as the O.C. of the
Atlanta Falcons and the other as the 49ers head coach. Both games resulted in losses for his team. Both
Shanahan and Garoppolo face pressure to lead a team and win the Super Bowl as soon as possible. If the new draft pick Trey Lance is a bust, then we can pretty much consider the window closed for the bay area team.

1. Green Bay Packers

The Green Bay packers have gone to 2 NFC championships in a row the last two seasons and have come
up short both times. With the draft of Jordan Love, the tension between 3-time NFL MVP Aaron Rodgers
and the Packers organization has grown significantly to the point where we do not know if Rodgers will
return to Green Bay after this season. The packers have one of the greatest QBs to ever play the game
with great coaches and players around him. With the potential departure of Rodgers, the Packers’ Super
Bowl window could be closed very soon. A Super bowl win is very important to the Packers and even
more important to the 38-year-old QB, who despite having one of the best statistical careers, has only
won one ring. Not winning at least one more will tarnish his legacy in the NFL.