All Bets are placed on Bovada for $0.50, we ballin on a budget over here, especially over a whole NBA season. There is no in depth look in these picks, just strictly OFF DA’ DOME.

Current Record: 14/15

1/1/2021 (Happy New Year!):

Grizzlies @ Hornets:

Hornets came off a big game against the Mavs, hopefully they keep that same energy in the New Year. Hornets win at home.

Celtics @ Pistons:

Celtics show up to play in this easter conference matchup. Celtics win on the road.

Bulls @ Bucks:

Giannis and the boys make it rain. Bucks win on the road.

Lakers @ Spurs:

Lebron gets the win over Pop. Lakers win on the road.


Cavaliers @ Hawks:

Trey is too much for Cleveland. Hawks win at home.

Hornets @ 76ers:

Ball drops some dimes. Hornets win on the road.

Raptors @ Pelicans:

Zion goes for a quiet 20. Pelicans win at home.


Celtics @ Pistons:

Back-to-back. Celtics win on the road.

Lakers @ Grizzlies:

Lebron shows out. Lakers win on the road.

Mavericks @ Bulls:

Mavs finally get in rhythm. Mavericks win on the road.


Knicks @ Hawks:

More disappointment for New York. Hawks win at home.

Mavericks @ Rockets:

James and company pull together. Rockets win at home.

Pistons @ Bucks:

Giannis gets rest again. Bucks win at home.

Pacers @ Pelicans:

Ingram can’t be stopped. Pelicans win at home.

Celtics @ Raptors:

Taytum gets in groove. Celtics win on the road.


Lakers @ Grizzlies:

Ja gets revenge. Grizzlies win at home.

Spurs @ Clippers:

LA comes to play. Clippers win at home.

Bulls @ Trailblazers:

Dame goes off. Trailblazers win at home.


Wizards @ 76ers:

Never betting on DC again. Wizards win on the road.

Hornets @ Hawks:

Trey lights up the defense. Hawks win at home.

Raptors @ Suns:

CP3 drops some dimes. Suns win at home.