Current Record: 5/3 (+ $0.79)

Friday, December 25th (Happy Holidays!)

Pelicans @ Heat:

Heat are more cohesive. Heat win at Home.

Warriors @ Bucks:

Giannis gets bust and Steph tries to keep up. Bucks win at Home.

Saturday, December 26th

Suns @ Kings:

Suns bring the heat. Suns win on the road.

Nets @ Celtics:

Kyrie flattens the Celtics like the Earth. Nets win on the road.

Magic @ Wizards:

Beal and Westbrook put on a show. Wizards win at home.

76ers @ Knicks:

Ben Simmons stands above New York. 76ers win on the road.

Sunday, December 27th

Nets @ Hornets:

Durant drops 35. Nets win on the road.

Bucks @ Knicks:

Knicks fear the deer. Bucks in on the road.

76ers @ Cavaliers:

Philadelphia trusts the process. 76ers win on the road.

Warriors @ Bulls:

No Michael. No Rose. Warriors win on the road.

Suns @ Kings:

Suns are too Bright. Suns win on the road.

Monday, December 28th

Grizzlies @ Nets:

Ja cant do it on his own. Nets win at home.

Rockets @ Nuggets:

Joker too much for the thief. Nuggets win at home.

Trailblazers @ Lakers:

King is back. Lakers win at home.

Tuesday, December 29th

Warriors @ Pistons:

Can’t stop Curry. Warriors win on the road.

Bulls @ Wizards:

DC shows up to play. Wizards win at home.

Pelicans @ Suns:

Paul teaches Melo a thing or two. Suns win at home.

Nuggets @ Kings:

Tough battle in the west. Nuggets win on the road.

Wednesday, December 30th

Hawks @ Nets:

Kyrie stuns the crowd. Nets win at home.

Hornets @ Mavs:

Luka pops off. Mavs win at home.

Thursday, December 31st (Happy New Year!)

Bulls @ Wizards:

Wizards on a streak. Wizards win at home.

Kings @ Rockets: Bagley causes the upset. Kings win on the road.

Team to watch will definitely be the Wizards. I don’t think they’ve gotten the appropriate amount of hype this offseason. Game to watch will be the Kings @ Rockets for sure. I will see y’all in Week 3 and hopefully we all make some money playing these games!