Lebron is a dynasty

At around this time in October last year Lebron James was about to insinuate himself into the NBA’s China controversy. That’s how this strange and tragic season began, if you care to think that far back. Nearly a full calendar year later it feels like a couple of lifetimes ago, and James stands atop of the sports world once again basking in the glory.

The longest NBA season is finally over. It proved to be an extreme test for the players placed in the bubble in Orlando. It only stands to reason that James, King of the league, would carry the Los Angeles Lakers past all the obstacles. He was destined to win his fourth championship now because he’s the defining sports icon for this time. Lebron James is the most untiring, transcendent, socially engaged basketball superstar to step wherever he thinks he can make an impact and back it up by performing on the court at a historic level especially after game 6 of the NBA finals.

James led a third team to a title. He has done all of this wandering and winning over the past decade, influencing the way superstars think about their careers, polarizing fans and turning his legacy into fascinating storytelling.

The competitive spirit of his represents a perfectly exhausting, yet challenging end to James’ decade of dominance throughout the NBA.

There will always be this GOAT connection with him and Jordan as it has been for the past few years. But for now lets bask in this and soak it all in for the kid from Akron.