It’s a Trap!

This past Sunday, The 10-2 New Orleans Saints took on the extremely troubled Philadelphia Eagles and were surprisingly defeated. Hurts, got to start his first game for the Eagles and lead his team to Victory against one of the best defenses in the NFL. But this article really isn’t about Jaylen Hurts or the Eagles. You see, what the Saints knew but forgot was the fact that you must always respect the Trap Game. Luckily for the Saints, there’s one man out there who can help them overcome these issues in such trying times!

Meet Admiral Ackbar:

Gail Ackbar is phenomenal at recognizing traps when he see’s them and I believe could become the most important piece of this Saints Dynasty. Ackbar is experienced in all different kinds of traps whether they be Hurts, Wentz, Palpatine or Vader. Ackbar straight up just handles his stuff. He sees a trap and he calls it out, simple as at. This is exactly what the Saints have been missing!

Think of where the Saints would be if they would have had his help 4 Weeks ago: Superbowl. Disney World. White House. Waffle House. They could have had it all, could have been on top of the world but they blew it. Absolutely blew it. Could have been 11-2, tied with the Steelers for the best record in Football but now they are 10-3 and might as well be the Jets.

Now I know what you’re thinking, “Didn’t Ackbar die in the The Last Jedi?”, and to that I would say, Maybe? But that’s besides the point!  The point is, that every NFL game should be taken seriously and while the outcome of this game wont really effect the Saints in the long run, the effects of this game could be felt in the post season. Right now the Saints are lined up to play the Cardinals in the first round of the playoffs, which would be by far the best outcome for them heading into the post season. But lets say for a second the LA Rams catch up and take that #2 spot, then they would have to play the Buccs, a much more difficult matchup. The Saints are 2-0 against the Buccs this season, but Tom Brady tends to be a different animal in the playoffs and could cause some unwanted distress.

The Rams and Saints have very similar schedules for the last 3 games in the 2020 NFL season. They play 1 top 10 team, 1 top 20 and 1 losing team. The Saints have the easier schedule out of the two and should win 2 out of three, unless they fall into a…. what are those things called?