NFL Week 12 Picks

By Tom Matthews

*Confidence scale picked for each game is from 1 to 10*

Texans @ Lions (+3)

If Texans play half as good as they did last week against the Patriots, they will wreck the Lions this week. If The Lions put up twice the number of points this week as last week, they will still score zero because that was their score last Sunday. Lions will not bounce back this week.

Texans win and cover the spread.

Win Confidence (8)

Spread Confidence (8)

Washington Football Team @ Cowboys (-3)

This will be an interesting game. Cowboys have been improving a lot. Dalton came back and played great against the Vikings and the defense was able to do enough to stop Cousins and company. On the other side, Smith looks like he is getting a little better each week and they have a solid defense. It comes down to the more consistent team for me and that’s the Washington Football team.

Washington wins and cover the spread.

Win Confidence (6)

Spread Confidence (7)

Raiders @ Falcons (+3)

Falcons have shown some fight and hope in a few games but overall has been a letdown. Sean Payton got the best of the Falcons last week and this week they have to deal with another excellent coach and team. Raiders are a very good team this year and it will once again be proven. This will be a coaching mismatch and Carr will have another solid game.

Raiders win and cover the spread.

Win Confidence (9)

Spread Confidence (9)

Ravens @ Steelers (-4)

Steelers beat them once and they will do it again. Lamar and Ravens are not as explosive as they are last year and the Steelers so far have given us reasons not to bet against them. While I do believe they won’t go 16-0 this season, I have a hard time picking the Ravens after last week’s performance.

Steelers win and barely cover the spread.

Win Confidence (7)

Spread Confidence (4)

Chargers @ Bills (-6)

Herbert is great and will show that again this Sunday. Unfortunately, his team is not great and they will also show that this Sunday.  Bills are a great team this year and they have something to fight for still. With Raiders and Chiefs way up ahead, the Chargers are not going to benefit much from more wins this season. Bills at home will play harder and the score will reflect.

Bills win and cover the spread.

Win Confidence (9)

Spread Confidence (6)

Giants @ Bengals (+6)

Burrow is out. Like Herbert, that is the best and only great thing this team had. With Burrow gone, I would bet on the Jets to beat the Bengals now. The giants were the underdogs and I picked them last week and I’m picking them again. They are better than people realize and continuously keep getting better.

Giants win and cover the spread

Win Confidence (9)

Spread Confidence (7)

Titans @ Colts (-3.5)

A few different things went wrong for the Titans last time these two teams played. Vrabel reminds me of a younger version of Bellicheck. You played the team earlier in the season and the number one thing you do is make sure your players don’t make the same mistake again. This does not mean they will wreck the Colts. The Colts have done a phenomenal job this year so far on all areas of the team. After scoring 28 points in the first half, they held Rodgers and company to 3 points in the second half. This will be a very interesting game and one of the harder picks for me this week. Chiefs got beat at home and got their revenge at Las Vegas last week and I think Titans will do the same with Colts this week.

Titans win and cover the spread

Win Confidence (4)

Spread Confidence (5)

Browns @ Jaguars (+6.5)

Just run the damn ball. Jaguars are very inconsistent this year. Browns will run the ball again. Get play-action going and go home with another win.

Brown win and barely cover the spread

Win Confidence (8)

Spread Confidence (5)

Panthers @ Vikings (-4.5)

Another hard pick for me. Panthers’ offense will put up points against Vikings but the defensive front is too week and Dalvin Cook will take advantage of it. Vikings will control the time of possession and manage the game better.

Vikings win but probably will not cover the spread

Win Confidence (5)

Spread Confidence (5)

Cardinals @ Patriots (+3)

Showed some trust in Bellichick’s game plan when I picked The Patriots to beat the Texans last week and that did not go well. Patriots’ defense struggle against running QBs. Murray can both run and throw the ball well. They are overall a way better team than the patriots and the score will show it this Sunday. The only advantage the Patriots have is that they are playing at home. Unfortunately, that won’t be enough to stop the Cardinals.

Cardinals to win and cover the spread

Win Confidence (9)

Spread Confidence (9)

Dolphins @ Jets (+6.5)

Tua faced a great defense last week and got a taste of Loss in the NFL. Fortunately for him, this is a very good bounce-back game. Dolphins have the better team. I can break down pretty much all categories and the Dolphins are better than the Jets in all of them.

Dolphins win and cover the spread

Win Confidence (9)

Spread Confidence (9)

Saints @ Broncos (+6.5)

Broncos Defense will make a few stops but the offense will cancel that out. Sean Payton’s defense will make Drew Lock turn the ball over and Taysom Hill will run for a few TDs

Saints will win and cover the spread

Win Confidence (8)

Spread Confidence (6)

49ers @ Rams (-7)

Rams are good! Last year it came down to week 17 between Seahawks and 49ers to see who gets number one seed and who gets wild card. This year it might come down to week 16 with Seahawks and Rams. 49ers are just not as good this year and still dealing with a lot of injuries.

Rams will win and cover the spread.

Win Confidence (8)

Spread Confidence (7)

Chiefs @ Buccaneers (+4)

Gutsiest pick of the week. Brady usually doesn’t lose back to back. He plays very well when there is less defensive line pressure and the Chiefs don’t have the best line. This will be a high scoring back and forth game. Raiders and Panthers did very well against the Chiefs defense and so will Brady. The Buccs secondary is very inconsistent and will get ripped apart by Mahomes. Buccaneers will need to get an early lead and hold on. Arians’ “No Risk it no biscuit” mentality will hand the chiefs the win. Run the ball. Let Brady beat the Chiefs defense with play-action and quick passes. The game might come down to who has the ball last and will probably be decided within one score. If the Chiefs gets an early lead Mahomes will probably do what he can to maintain it. Advice for both teams would be to get the lead and don’t let off the gas.

Buccaneers beat Chiefs and cover the spread

Win Confidence (2)

Spread Confidence (6)

Bears @ Packers (-9)

Chicago’s defense has played fantastic this year. Unfortunately, the offense is playing twice as bad and making the team look like crap. Their play-calling and Folse’s decision making are both terrible. While the defense might make a few stops, the offense will give the ball back. After a hard loss to the Colts last week, Rodgers will come out swinging this week to go home with a Victory

Packers win and cover the spread

Win Confidence (8)

Spread Confidence (6)

Seahawks @ Eagles (-5.5)

The Seahawks defense keeps better and Wentz keeps holding on to the ball until it’s fumbled or his butt is on the ground. Wilson will have another day in the park ripping apart the Eagles secondary and Wentz will continue his streak and turn the ball over. It will be a huge surprise to see the Eagles pull this off.

Seahawks win and cover the spread.

Win Confidence (9)

Spread Confidence (9)

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Week 11 results

Win/ lose: 10/4

Against the spread: 7/7

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