NFL Week 11 Picks

by: Tom Matthews

NFL Week 11 picks from Tom Matthews

(Confidence scale picked for each game is from1 to 10)

Cardinals @ Seahawks (-3)
It will be wet and cold. Arizona is not very used to the weather. With Arizona getting the best of Seattle in overtime for their last meet, I think, this time Wilson will have less mistakes and get his revenge. Also don’t think Seahawks are bad enough to be beaten 3 straight games. At least not yet.

Seahawks to win and cover the spread.
Win Confidence (6)
Spread Confidence (6)

Bengals @ Washington football team (-1.5)
After a great comeback against lions last week, Washington lost by 3 points from a 59 yard field goal with the clock hitting zero. The only good thing about Bengals is the Burrow. Washington is just a better team.

Washington wins and cover the spread
Win Confidence (6)
Spread Confidence (6)

Lions @ Panthers (-3)
Matt Patricia should have stayed a defensive coordinator. Not just for any team. For the Patriots. Since he left he has been struggling. Matthew Stafford puts up good numbers most of the time and the lions still find ways to lose games. Though the Panthers took a beating from Buccs last week, they are a much better team than some realize.

Panthers win at home and cover the spread

Win Confidence (9)
Spread Confidence (9)

Falcons @ Saints (-5)
Saints without Brees is still a very strong team. Winston looked better in the 4 th quarter of last week’s game than he did all of last year. That being said, Atlanta is a lot better than their record suggests and often puts up a fight till the end. Saints will more than likely pull it through at home but not too sure about the spread.

Saints win at home but won’t cover the spread
Win Confidence (6)
Spread Confidence (2)

Patriots @ Texans (+1)
Patriots are not planning on tanking! Bellichick adjusts game plans better than any other coach in the NFL. Their defense is getting better. Cam is looking like he was the first few weeks. They are improving. Texans can’t even score more than 7 points against Browns.

Patriots will win and cover the spread
Win Confidence (9)
Spread Confidence (9)

Eagles @ Browns (-2)
Browns are an above average team this year. Which is a massive improvement compared to what they were last year. If Browns can get the run game going (I think they will) Baker will throw well. Eagles looked like they will make it to play offs in the worst division in football and now it looks like they probably won’t be
playing this January. I think Giants will take NFC east this season. Yep. I said it.

Browns win and cover the spread
Win Confidence (8)
Spread Confidence (8)

Steelers @ Jaguars (+10)
Patriots were the worst 8-0 team last season and Steelers to me are second on that list. Besides last week they have had too many close games for me to easily say they will cover the 10 point spread. Steelers have been finding ways to win games this season and will be 10-0 after Sunday.

Steelers win the game but won’t cover the spread
Win Confidence (9)
Spread Confidence (4)

Titans @ Ravens (-6.5)
Both of these teams took an unexpected loss last week. Which makes the pick for this game much harder. While Ravens have looked better than the Titans this season, they are also not a come from behind team. If Vrabel can get is team ahead early in the game, I believe that can shake Lamar’s confidence and they will struggle.

Titans win and cover the spread.
Win Confidence (3)
Spread Confidence (6)

Packers @ Colts (-2.5)
Packers are starting to look a little concerning while Colts are looking better than they were a few weeks ago. Packers let Buccs beat them up bad. Vikings ran the ball down their throat and Jaguars hung in with them most of the game. Though the Colts took a bad beating from the Ravens a few weeks ago, they bounced back and beat the Titans by 17 points last week. With the efficient O’line colts have, they can run the ball and keep Rodgers and company off the field. That will be key to win this week and maintain first in their division.

Colts will win and barely cover the spread.
Win Confidence (3)
Spread Confidence (2)

Jets @ Chargers (-8)
Chargers are better than their record suggests. They are the reversed Steelers. Too many one possession games that didn’t go their way. Herbert is doing a great job and his team often lets him down. Jets are 0-9 and at this point should just tank the season and get good draft picks. Jets are going to travel across the country to play a rookie playing to prove his worth.

Chargers will win and cover the spread
Win Confidence (9)
Spread Confidence (9)

Dolphins @ Broncos (+3)
Broncos are on pace to go 4-12 maybe 5-11 while dolphins who started the
season 1-3 have since won 5 straight games and now sitting at 6-3. While in
multiple games they are beaten in many different categories, at the end they end up with the “W” At this pace, they will more than likely give the bills a run for the division title and host a playoff game.
Dolphins win and cover the spread

Win Confidence (9)

Spread Confidence (9)

Cowboys @ Vikings (-8)
Cowboys seems to be getting a little better each week and yet keep losing games while Vikings are on a 3 game winning streak including two division rivals. While Cowboys will find ways to put up one TD and maybe a few field goals, Vikings are simply going to let Dalvin cook run wild against an embarrassment of a defense cowboys have this year. Viking will control time of possession and control the game better than Cowboys

Vikings win and cover the spread
Win Confidence (9)
Spread Confidence (7)

Chiefs @ Raiders (+6.5)
Revenge is a dish best served cold. This Sunday night on National TV the Chiefs will serve a cold dish to the Raiders. Raiders are very good this season. Last time chiefs and Raiders met, Mahomes threw his only pick of the season and caught their only loss of the season so far. While Gruden and company will put up another good fight, it’s hard to believe Raiders will get the best of Chiefs back to back.

Chiefs win the game but will not cover the spread
Win Confidence (9)
Spread Confidence (2)

Rams @ Buccaneers (-3)
A very loud 7-3 is facing a very silent 6-3. This will be an interesting game. The rams are fighting for first place in division that’s currently tied 3 way while the Buccs are trying to keep up with Saints in their division after the embarrassing loss two weeks ago. Sean McVay will bring a great game plan and put up a good fight. Buccs who have only one loss at home so far came back last week and scored the most points they did this season. Buccs will come to play again. Rams will have to fly across country and face a team with too many offensive weapons and smarter veteran quarterback.

Buccaneers win and cover the spread
Win Confidence (7)
Spread Confidence (6)

All spreads are pulled from cbs sports.
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