Chiefs vs Bills

This afternoon, the Kansas City Chiefs will be facing the Buffalo Bills at New Era Field. In my opinion, after yesterdays disappointing matchup between Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady, we are all in need of a proper quarterback duel. Although Josh Allen and the Bills had a breakdown vs the Tennessee Titans last week I expect that will be more of an outlier than a trend. Although I do not expect Buffalo to win this game, I still expect Josh Allen to have a hell of a game.

On the other side of things you have the current Super Bowl champions coming off a unexpected loss to the Las Vegas Raiders. Again, more of an outlier than a trend, I expect Mahominsurance and crew to put up some big numbers tonight.

Patrick Mahomes and Josh Allen have thrown for a combined 3,063 yards, 27 touchdowns and 4 Interceptions (3 of which have come from Allen). Allen was paced early on to have a MVP season but those projections were put to rest after the blowout by the Titans.

Allen will set to prove who is the better quarterback this season and Mahomes will look to continue his dominance.

Game airs at 4:00PM on the NFL Network.