MLB: All Time Hits Leaders

13Eddie Murray3,255
14Albert Pujols3,247
15Nap Lajoie3,243
16Cal Ripken Jr3,184
972David Bell1,239
Lyn Lary1,239
Rennie Stennett1,239
J.D. Martinez1,239
Outside top 1,000Xander Bogaerts1,111
  • Albert Pujols is averaging 159 hits per season. A 4/5/21: He is on pace to get 54 hits in the 2021 Season. This would put him in 12th place all time ahead of Willie Mays.
    • 4/23/21 Pujols has upped his production and is on pace to get 104 hits for the season. Since April 5th he has moved up to 14th on the All-Time Hits Leaders.
  • 4/23/21 J.D. Martinez is currently in a three way tie for hits leader in the league. He is averaging 121 hits/season. He is currently on pace to get 209 hits for the 2021 season.

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